In an ASP.NET Web application, the user interface consists of a series of .aspx pages that are rendered to the browser using standard HTML. Designing the user interface is simply a matter of deciding which pages are required (and in what sequence) — and populating those pages with the appropriate controls.

How to add a Graphical User Interface to your PowerShell Functions using the .Net SystemWindowsForm class In this example. we will walk through taking a standard office task--in this case, checking to see if a system responds to a ping--and build a simple GUI around the function using System.Windows.Forms class available to us in PowerShell PHP: Object Interfaces - Manual The "interface" is a method of enforcing that anyone who implements it must include all the functions declared in the interface. This is an abstraction method, since you cannot just declare a base class and do something like "public abstract function myTest();" and later on extend that class. Windows 10 Main User Interface (UI) - LinkedIn SlideShare

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VB.Net Graphical User Interface The .NET Framework is an integral Windows component that supports building and running desktop applications and Web services. The System.Windows.Forms namespace contains classes for creating Windows based applications that take full advantage of the rich user interface features available in the Microsoft Windows ADempiere : New User Interface The independence of the User Interface implementation (also called "the View") is one of the most important issues to solve. This is why much attention has been paid to ensuring that the new ADempiere Vue interface should be totally independent of the ADempiere core or the GPL2 license. interface - C# Reference | Microsoft Docs

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Business Application User Experience Redefined NetSuite is focused on making mission-critical business applications enjoyable and easy to use. NetSuite’s industry leading HTML5 user interface (UI) is designed with customers in mind. Interfaces - Visual Basic | Microsoft Docs