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© Network Technology (Aust) Pty Ltd t/as OntheNet COVID-19 Update from OntheNet Speed tests? How do I run a speed test? Need to run a speed test but aren’t sure where to go? We provide our very own speed test. The bonus to using our test is that your results get recorded to your account. Use Speedtest.net for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network. Millions of users have made Speedtest.net the #1 app for testing internet speeds, and it’s trusted by the professionals like Anandtech, Engadget, and the BBC and New York Times! - Discover your Download, Upload, and Ping - Real-time graphs show connection consistency We provide our clients a true and accurate speed test for NBN services. Once you have completed your speed test you are only one click away from getting professional and help to get you slow internet speeds back to the NBN speeds you are paying for. Testing you NBN internet speed has never been easier. Review title of Craig Great - needs better support for desktop. there's a lot of space wasted when using this app in fullsceen or bigger than the default size. This can be easily fixed by enabling a multicolumn layout when the window size reaches a certain size: e.g. the default 'speed test' screen gets pushed to the left and the 'select host' and 'tests history' are expanded to occupy the

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