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DialUp:Error 691:Access Denied Because Username / Password Nov 04, 2010 Error 691 when connecting through VPN on Windows 8 or Jan 22, 2013 Error 691 Windows 8 VPN - IT Security - Spiceworks

When you are connected to one of our VPN servers, your network traffic is "routed" from your computer to our server to the remote site - and takes

For sure, there were some limitations: I couldn’t use all servers. But it was enough to realize whether it suits me or not. My conclusion is like this: a VPN with free Vpn Anonine trial is a Vpn Anonine good solution for those who like to use the things having estimated the qualities of the “product” first.

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Windows VPN does not work since I updated to windows 8.1. I was able to get other VPN clients working (Cisco, Barracuda, and sonic wall) by following the instructions on this Posts: 1 Joined: 29.Jul.2005 Status: offline Hi all, I experienced the same problem than Mauro,(on an Windows 2003 server SP1 with ISA 2004 non domain controler), my IASSAM log was the same indicating an LDAP connexion issue with the domain controler. I'm trying to use the Windows Vista Connection Wizard to configure a dialup connection. The userid and password are entered correctly, and the dialup takes place, but I get